The groundwork for TCPoly was laid in the labs of Georgia Tech while co-founders Matt Smith and Thomas Bougher were conducting materials research for their PhDs. They explored the commercialization potential of their materials in the NSF I-Corps program where they interviewed over 200 engineers and managers in a wide range of industries. They adjusted their technology based on what they learned and TCPoly was formed in 2016. With help from startup competition winnings and funding from the Georgia Research Alliance, the company launched commercially in 2017 and customized their materials for 3D printing. In 2018 they began to expand operations and continue R&D through a DOE grant with the Oak Ridge Innovation Crossroads Accelerator program. The company now has offices in Atlanta, GA and Knoxville, TN and is continuing to expand their material and applications portfolios.

Meet The Team

Matt graduated with his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech spring 2017 and is currently co-founder and CEO of TCPoly. Matt has over 15 combined publications and pending patents and is a Fellow in the Innovation Crossroads Program at Oak Ridge National Labs. He earned degrees at Wake Forest (B.A. Economics) and Oregon Tech (B.Sci. Renewable Energy Engineering) while also playing basketball. 

Co-Founder and CEO

Tom brings a wide range of hands on engineering experience including work on diesel engines, aerosol sampling, ultra-fast lasers, off-grid solar installations, software development, and nanomaterial synthesis. In addition to 11 years of work in R&D labs, he spent 5 years in automotive engineering managing a broad range of projects. He has over 40 publications and 7 patents and degrees from Purdue (BSME), UT-Austin (MSME), and Georgia Tech (PhD ME). When he used to have spare time he enjoyed lacrosse, mountain biking, and photography.

Co-Founder and CTO

Possessing a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Maryland, Chuck is a process-oriented entrepreneur with over 30 years of success in business creation, growth and management, while driving multimillion-dollar business relationships.  Chuck has both started companies and served in roles with publicly traded companies as Vice President of Business Development for a software company, and Senior Vice President for a $440 million revenue telecom and internet company. In 2012, he founded an LED lighting manufacturing company which grew quickly and was sold in 2017. For TCPoly, Chuck is focusing on new business development in LED lighting and a number of other product applications.

VP Business Development

Stan Hunter is a graduate from the University of Tennessee holding both an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. While at UT, Stan worked at Bosch Home Appliances designing and testing high-performance kitchen appliances. Additionally, he has performed research on the thermal characteristics of Graphene. As a hobbyist 3D printer, Stan also brings practical additive manufacturing experience to the TCPoly team. Stan is currently an Applications Engineer for TCPoly, focused on liquid cold plates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

Applications Engineer

John obtained his bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2018. During his time at school he participated in diverse projects involving everything from computational materials science, to optoelectronics, to nuclear power, and developed an interest in the potential that the field had to solve many of the world’s problems. His role at TCPoly is in materials synthesis and development, as well as using additive manufacturing to fabricate custom part using TCPoly’s unique filaments. Outside of work John enjoys writing music and playing guitar for his church’s worship team, as well as spending time outdoors, travelling to new places, and having culinary adventures.

Materials Engineer

Materials Engineering Intern

Applications and R&D Intern