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Reduce energy use & increase profits for your commercial property without modifying your existing HVAC
See How Our Revolutionary XPanels™ Works

Increase your building’s energy efficiency without impacting your current HVAC equipment

XPanel™, the panelized energy recovery ventilation system installs easily on your building and requires no alterations to your existing HVAC components. The energy exchange panels recover energy from the building’s exhaust air stream at high efficiencies. To further improve performance, the panels also benefit from environmental conditions including an added energy boost from solar energy absorption during the winter months. Each panel can provide more than 600 watts equivalent of power, resulting in immediate results and a timely return on investment.

Reduce heating, cooling, and ventilation costs without incurring negative economic or equipment impacts.

Watts of power per panel in combined energy recovery and solar heating mode
Year lifetime with 10 year product warranty
Year (or less) return on investment in favorable climates
Energy recovery efficiency in standard operation

Boost ventilation & profits

Provide occupants with fresh, clean, healthy air while you keep utility costs down

No Modifications to Your Current HVAC System

XPanels™ duct directly into your rooftop air handling units without the need for additional controls and fans.

Customized for Your Commercial Building

Development with 3D printing allows for extreme design freedom, customizability, and simple retrofits.

Protect Your Investment While You Recoup Initial Costs

Our 10-year product warranty extends beyond your return-on-investment period.

Minimal Upkeep and Maintenance

Install, clean, rotate, and maintain your XPanels™ on your own with little effort.

Track Your Energy Savings

Smart technology and sensors allow you to monitor your system and quantify savings.

Be an Industry Leader

Install innovative technology to set your business apart

Innovation. Collaboration. Investment.

TCPoly develops XPanels™ in collaboration with researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL), The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Georgia Tech. 

Five pending patents cover our unique materials and printed products. 

$  Million
Non-dilutive funding raised from these organizations
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Achieve your energy & profit goals

Upgrade your commercial property to the ventilation standards tenants expect

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Step One


Use our online form to tell us about your building and the heating, cooling, and ventilation challenges you face. Once we review the information you provide, we’ll set up an introductory call to learn more about your building and your goals.

Step Two


We’ll develop a preliminary XPanel™ installation design and cost assessment for a system that meets your building’s specifications and needs. Your proposal will include an estimate of the time it will take for you to recoup initial system development and installation costs.

Step Three

Develop & Install

Once we confirm the details, we will build a system specific to your commercial building’s size, roof configuration, and ventilation schedule. We can partner with your facilities manager or HVAC company or use one of our trusted contractors to install the XPanel™ array alongside your existing system. Finally, we will provide data monitoring guidance and a maintenance plan to keep your improved system operating properly.

Step Four

Increase Profits, Airflow & More

Your boosted HVAC system positions your business for future growth. In addition to a direct reduction in operating costs, you can use your energy-efficient system to attract new tenants, win contracts to manage new buildings, meet new government requirements, and obtain green building accreditation levels to elevate your brand.