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Thermally conductive 3D printing filaments to 3D print electronics cooling, mold tooling, and heat exchange products on low cost FDM Printers. Expand the products your 3D printer is capable of producing. Scale to production without expensive tooling and high MOQs.

Flex Ice9

A TPU based filament with high thermal conductivity. Prints at lower temperature than the Rigid. Soft and flexible, great for parts that need to be elastic and for thermal interface applications.

Rigid Ice9

A thermally conductive nylon-based filament. Rigid and able to withstand higher temperatures than the flex. Parts can be processed to a smooth finish and are inherently self-lubricating.

Higher thermal conductivity than standard plastics
Improved temperature stability
Improved strength compared to standard, unfilled plastics
Faster printing made possible due to thermal properties

Applications & Services

Increase your 3D printer’s usefulness and print products not possible before, or have us do it for you.

Heat Dissipating Molds

Ice9 molds are cheaper than conventional materials and allow you to make changes quicker and have a fast cycle time, an increased tool lifetime, even part heating/cooling, and high temp stability.

Thermal Management

Ice9 can be used in electronics thermal management, creating heat sinks that are no longer limited to standard designs, you can utilize more advanced geometry not possible with conventional manufacturing.

Custom Heat Exchangers

Ice9 heat exchangers can be custom designed to your applications, 3D printing allows for extreme design freedom and customizability, as shown by the development of the XPanel™ .

No Printer No Problem

We sell the most thermally conductive filament and offer a printing service for those who don’t have a compatible printer or want to try their printed part before buying an entire roll.

Fine Tune Ideas

Not sure if your model can be printed, we can help check and we'll let you know if we see problems, and if you don't have even a model, we can work with you to design and make one.

Still Have Questions

Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we're happy to answer them!

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Our team of engineers will find a solution that works for you.

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Step One


Use our online form to tell us about what you want to make or ask us any other questions you have. Once we review the information you provide, we’ll email you or set up a call to answer questions and discuss your project.

Step Two


Whether it’s a custom material order, printing service, or engineering design project, once we know we’ll calculate the cost and develop a timetable of when the order would be completed. You can then review the proposal and see if it works for you.

Step Three

Printing Process

If you decide to use us for your printing needs, we’ll get to work right away, taking care of the entire process. If you bought filament to print on your own and encounter a problem printing, we can help troubleshoot the problem with you.

Step Four


Once it is finished, we’ll ship out your printed part straightaway for you to enjoy and put to use immediately. We want you to be completely thrilled with our product so if you have any concerns, please reach out to us so we can make it right!

Innovation. Collaboration. Investment.

TCPoly developed Ice9 with researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL), The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Georgia Tech. 

Five pending patents cover our unique materials and printed products. 

$  Million
Non-dilutive funding raised from these organizations
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