XPanel™, your panelized energy recovery ventilation system, installs easily on your building and requires no alterations to your existing HVAC components. Reduce heating, cooling, and ventilation costs without incurring negative economic or equipment impacts.

XPanel - 3D Printing and Ice9 Material

Materials Innovation Meets Advanced Manufacturing

TCPoly created the world’s highest thermal conductivity 3D printing plastic (>50x higher than standard plastics) with the ability to transfer both heat and moisture at high efficiencies. Our materials essentially have all the advantages of standard plastics (such as corrosion resistance, light weight, low cost, long service life, ease of manufacturing), but the unique ability to conduct heat like a metal. Moreover, our filaments can be used in low cost, energy efficient FDM printing systems to create advanced geometries not possible with traditional manufacturing methods, further enhancing our materials ability to transfer energy efficiently.
Ice9 Material

Advanced Plastics With Unique Heat Conducting Properties

3d Printing

The Design Freedom of 3D Printed Heat Exchangers

XPanel Air Flow

XPanel™ - The World's Highest Efficiency Energy Recovery Panel

Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers - The Perfect Application

We have spent years searching for the best application of our materials and eventually realized that air to air heat exchangers are perfectly suited for our process. For example, the ability to 3D print complex, counter-flow cellular geometries enables us to maximize surface area and enhance heat and moisture transfer. These features can be nearly impossible to make in traditional manufacturing methods and when combined with our unique materials, results in a product that can be up 30% more efficient than traditional systems.
XPanel Crossflow

By combining our advanced materials with advanced manufacturing strategies we are able to make high performance energy recovery heat exchangers with unmatched performance. As illustrated here, our materials can transfer both heat and moisture between airstreams without cross-contamination between the streams. The heat and moisture moves across the 3D printed wall enabling pre-conditioning of the incoming supply air stream.

Airflow XPanel

The XPanel™ - A New Approach to Energy Recovery Ventilation

We are excited to launch the TCPoly XPanel™ for energy recovery and harvesting in air conditioning systems. Our unique energy recovery ventilation system enables high efficiency heat and moisture transfer between the buildings in-take and exhaust airstreams, providing our customers with clean air and energy savings. The design freedom of 3D printing enables us to create customized retrofit or new energy recovery systems that work for the building configurations and can scale to any building size and can be used in outdoor settings where space is not a premium.

Our unique panel geometry and casing also provides the added advantage that we can harvest heat and cold from the environment to further increase yearly energy savings. For example, our panel works as a solar thermal absorber in the winter and can add a greater than 30% energy increase in the winter months through solar thermal energy absorption. In the summer months, the panel is simply rotated so that the solar reflective and thermally insulating side is facing the sun to prevent adding heat when you want to cool the air.

XPanel Hot

Side 1:
Absorb Heat from Sun (Winter)

XPanel Cold

Side 2:
Reflect & Radiate Heat to Space (Summer)

See How Our Revolutionary XPanels™ Work


Simple, Low-Cost & Non-Invasive

TCPoly has developed a proprietary design that enables high performance in a light weight and easy to scale form factor. The XPanel™ is easily ducted into existing HVAC systems or can be integrated into new installations. We simply connect our panel arrays to the in-take and exhaust of standard air handling units and mount the panels on top of the duct work. This non-invasive and lost-cost installation reduces the risk for building owners as we do not alter their air handling units and the systems can be detached at any time. Our team of technical experts can size the panels to be sure that your return on investment is maximized and your system performs as expected.