TCPoly is committed to advancing materials science in 3D printing to create a wide variety of new materials and products for engineering applications. We manufacture advanced 3D printing materials and printed parts and offer custom materials formulation, design, simulation, and 3D printing services. Our team of engineers is committed to solving your toughest 3D printing challenges.

TCPoly 3D printing services with high thermal conductivity plastics for prototyping, thermal design, and production.


3D printing enables the design freedom to produce cooling solutions for a wide variety of industries. TCPoly has experience developing thermally conductive battery packs for battery thermal management,  heat sinks and fixtures for cooling of LED lights, custom liquid cold plates that are corrosion resistant and light weight, and thermal solutions for many more applications. Our combined thermal design and 3D printing expertise allows us to quickly create unique products to solve your thermal management challenges. 


TCPoly has expertise in thermal design and modeling and that can be used to simulate thermal loads and design new cooling solutions custom tailored to your application. Part performance, weight, and cost can all be optimized for 3D printing.

With access to over 15 different types of 3D printers TCPoly can print large format (up to 1m³ build volume), multi-material, and complex prototypes with short lead times. Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow our customers to design and test products quickly and at low cost. 


TCPoly currently has the capacity for small volume pilot and production part orders using FDM 3D printing and is partnering to enable high volume in the start of 2019. Please contact us at production@tcpoly.com for pricing and lead time information.