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Purchase high-performance HRV directly from TCPoly. We offer our advanced 3D printed HRV in TPU and soon XoG form. 

TPU XPanel™ with Fans

XPanel™ made out of standard TPU. The XPanel™ is a 3D printed HRV core that can be easily retrofitted to buildings helping increase their HVAC’s energy efficiency, which saves you money. This listing is for a core and two 4″ AC Infinity RAXIAL S4 with Speed Controller fans making it into a self-contained HRV unit. Each fan produces up to 106 CFM, has a 28 dBA rating, consumes 15W, and has a 67,000 hour lifespan.

$299.99   $199.99 per panel and pair of fans.

SKU: TC-PA-285-1000
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