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Purchase high-performance duct connectors directly from TCPoly. We offer our advanced 3D printed boots in XoG material. 

6-inch Register Boot

Insulated Register Duct Boot with flange with 6” diameter circular duct fitting and a 6” by 6” square register opening. The product has a double wall design that provides R6 thermal insulation without the worry of fiber glass entering your airstream. The material is a tough, flame retardant rubber like material that is sealed and easy to connect to traditional flexible and rigid ducts without the need for mastic and tape. Simplify your installation, save energy, and prevent sweating with this innovative product.

$24.99 per boot.

SKU: RB666
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If you’re interested in buying in bulk, please let us know how many units you need and when you need them by. If you want a custom sized register boot, reach out to us and we will be happy to work with you. We will reach out to answer your questions and place your order.

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