E-insulating ice9 Filament


Ice9 iFlex is a patent pending thermally conductive electrically insulating FDM filament with high toughness.


Thermally conductive and electrically insulating FDM printing filament with 4 W/m-K. Use this material when you need to remove heat but must maintain electrical isolation or use an RF transparent material. The material has an electrical resistivity > 10^14 ohm-cm and a breakdown voltage > 5 kV at 1 mm.

This material has 30% more stiffness than the previous TCP Flex E-Insulating version and is compatible with a wide range of FDM printers including most Bowden style extruders. Please see the datasheet for more information on suggested print settings.

TCPoly can also print prototypes in-house with short lead times. Please contact us at prototype@tcpoly.com for more details.

Product Datasheet Download

Safety Datasheet Download

Additional information

Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)


Extruder Temperature (°C)


Bed Temperature (°C)




Filament Diameters (mm)

1.75, 2.85

Spool Filament Weights (g)

1,000, 500


1.5 g/cm3

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